Social ticket FAQs

In general, we want to organize concerts with a positive impact on people and the environment. One aspect of this is social sustainability.

What is the social ticket?

The costs of organizing a concert have risen massively in recent years for many reasons - and ticket prices have risen accordingly shot. So that not only economically privileged fans can enjoy concerts, we are now offering tickets at a reduced price: so-called social tickets.
For the sake of fairness and transparency, we are based on the criteria set by the Berlin Senate Department for Labor, Social Affairs, Equality, integration, diversity and anti-discrimination - and offer these discounted tickets to people who have the “Berlin Ticket S certificate of entitlement”. A social ticket can be ordered by anyone who has such proof at the time of pre-sale or ticket purchase.

How much does the social ticket cost?

The ticket costs €19 ,90. There are no shipping costs because these are Print@Home tickets.
What do I need to order a social ticket?
A scan/photo of the mentioned “proof of eligibility for the Berlin Ticket S” is required when ordering , also the name of the authorized person.
The ticket is personalized with the name and on site - at the entrance to the concert - the ticket, proof of authorization and ID card (attention: please bring all three things with you!) are compared (see below).

The validity period of my proof of eligibility ends before the concert day and/or I will not receive another proof of eligibility in the future. Can I order a ticket?

Yes. The proof of eligibility does not necessarily have to be valid at the time of the concerts - only at the time of ordering/payment. However, you must keep any expired proof and be able to show it upon request on the day of the concert.

How does the order work in detail?

The social tickets can only be purchased in the official ticket shop on become. These tickets are personalized and non-transferable, i.e. the name of the authorized person will be on the tickets.

If you want to take another authorized person with you, then you can order up to 4 tickets, but you must have the authorization of your companion then also show it. (For people from one household, it is sufficient if several people are listed on one proof of authorization - otherwise each additional proof of authorization must also be uploaded).
During the order, a (readable!) photo or a scan of the proof of authorization must be uploaded ( jpg, png or pdf). This is followed by a check of the proof for validity, if everything “fits”, you pay the amount - then the tickets are sent out to you digitally and are then available in your customer account.
If the proof is not readable or there are any questions, you will be contacted by the ticket shop. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date.
If the proof of eligibility is invalid, we will cancel the order.

How can I pay for the social ticket?

The social ticket can be paid for in advance/bank transfer

How many tickets can I order?

A maximum of 4 tickets can be ordered per order. All ticket holders must be able to show proof of authorization (see above).

What do I have to show upon entry?

In short - three things: admission ticket, proof of authorization and ID card (or passport)
It will be checked on site the name on the ticket & ID card, as well as the proof of authorization or the QR codes printed on it. Proof is absolutely necessary (even if it has already expired by the time of the concert, see above). Retains ticket & It is best to submit proof of authorization together!
Without the appropriate proof of authorization and ID, you will not be allowed access to the concert site!

Can the other people enter the concert site independently of me as the person ordering?

Only if for those people uploaded their own proof of eligibility when ordering the ticket. If you are listed together on only one proof of entitlement, then you must also come in together!

Can I pass on my ticket if I am unable to attend at short notice?

The ticket is only valid for the person whose name is on the ticket. To prevent misuse, the ticket must not be passed on to other people. To transfer the tickets to other people with proof of authorization, please use the re-personalization option (see below) if you cannot come to the concert.

Can I have my ticket re-personalized?

In principle, yes. But: Social tickets can only be transferred to other eligible people, i.e. social tickets always remain social tickets! 
If re-personalization is necessary, please contact the ticket shop (personalisierung@beatstuff.) up to 2 days before the concert .de), and immediately submit the proof of eligibility of the “new” person who should take over your ticket.

Why does the offer only apply to Berliners?

It is difficult, especially for As a private company, we have to draw boundaries as to when an income is considered “low”, how something like this can be proven (in a reasonably data protection-friendly manner), which individual cases have to be taken into account, etc..
We would also like to cover the entire process as much as possible make it non-discriminatory, and above all force no one to disclose their income to us. That's why we initially base everything on the decisions and classifications of politics or administration, instead of “judging” ourselves.
Unfortunately, there is no nationwide procedure for this proof. The examination of the different proofs from the numerous municipalities and federal states is currently beyond our capacity.
We would like to start the offer with the proof of entitlement from the local Senate administration that is valid in Berlin - but hope to be able to expand this significantly at future events.